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2016 Galleries

062A290216 Gallery

Lumsdins Bay

Last updated 29th February 2016

061A160116 Gallery

Passage East

Last updated 16th January 2016

060A171015 Gallery

Passage East

Last updated 17th October 2015

059A080815 Gallery

Passage East

Last updated 08th August 2015

058A210615 Gallery

Keeragh Islands

Last updated 21st June 2015

057A300515 Gallery


Last updated 30th May 2015

056A170315 Gallery

Newtown Head

Last updated 17th March 2015

055A150315 Gallery

Raven Point

Last updated 15th March 2015

054A080215 Gallery

Brownstown Head

Last updated 8th February 2015

053A020115 Gallery


Last updated 2nd January 2015

052A200414 Gallery

Aran Islands

Last updated 20th April 2014

051A200114 Gallery

Dunmore East

Last updated 20th January 2014

050A150314 Gallery

Baginbun Head

Last updated 15th March 2014

049A101113 Gallery

Creaden Head

Last updated 10th November 2013

048A051013 Gallery

Rosslare Harbour

Last updated 5th October 2013

047A010913 Gallery


Last updated 1st September 2013

046A080813 Gallery


Last updated 8th August 2013

045A030613 Gallery

Slyne Head

Last updated 3rd March 2013

044A260413 Gallery

Saltee Islands

Last updated 26th April 2013

043A200413 Gallery

Ingard Point

Last updated 20th April 2013

042A130113 Gallery

Keeragh Islands

Last updated 13th January 2013

041A310512 Gallery

Blasket Islands

Last updated 31st May 2012

040A210412 Gallery

Golam Head

Last updated 21st April 2012

039A170312 Gallery


Last updated 17th March 2012

038A120512 Gallery

Saltee Islands

Last updated 12th May 2012

037A110312 Gallery


Last updated 11th March 2012

036A060512 Gallery

Hook Head

Last updated 6th May 2012

035A010612 Gallery


Last updated 1st June 2012

034A280211 Gallery

Dunmore East

Last updated 28th February 2011

033A270311 Gallery


Last updated 27th March 2011

032A170411 Gallery

ISKA South East Meet

Last updated 17th April 2011

031A050311 Gallery

Saltee Islands

Last updated 5th March 2011

030A300110 Gallery

Whales off Hook

Last updated 30th January 2010

029A291210 Gallery


Last updated 29th December 2010

028A280810 Gallery

Hook Head

Last updated 28th August 2010

027A270310 Gallery

Dunmore East

Last updated 27th March 2010

026A250910 Gallery

Wexford Kayak Race

Last updated 25th September 2010

025A241010 Gallery

Donegal Symposium

Last updated 24th October 2010

024A230110 Gallery


Last updated 23rd January 2010

023A211110 Gallery


Last updated 11th November 2010

022A210810 Gallery

Helvick Head Swim

Last updated 21st August 2010

021A200210 Gallery


Last updated 20th February 2010

020A190210 Gallery


Last updated Test for 020A190210

019A180410 Gallery


Last updated Test for 019A180410

018A170110 Gallery


Last updated Test for 018A170110

017A141110 Gallery


Last updated Test for 017A141110

016A130310 Gallery


Last updated Test for 016A130310

015A110310 Gallery


Last updated Test for 015A110310

014A080610 Gallery


Last updated Test for 014A080610

013A060610 Gallery


Last updated Test for 013A060610

012A051210 Gallery


Last updated Test for 012A051210

011A280209 Gallery


Last updated Test for 011A280209

010A270909 Gallery


Last updated Test for 010A270909

009A270609 Gallery


Last updated Test for 009A270609

008A180409 Gallery


Last updated Test for 008A180409

007D Arran2 Gallery


Last updated Test for 007DArran2

007C Arran1 Gallery

007C Arran1

Last updated Test for 007C Arran1

007B170509 Gallery


Last updated Test for 007B170509

007ASweden Gallery


Last updated Sweden 2007

006ENovascotia4 Gallery

Novascotia Part 4

Last updated Novascotia 2006

006DNovascotia3 Gallery

Novascotia Part 3

Last updated Novascotia 2006

006CNovascotia2 Gallery

Novascotia Part 2

Last updated Novascotia 2006

006BNovascotia1 Gallery

Novascotia Part 1

Last updated Novascotia 2006

006A160509 Gallery


Last updated 16th May 2009

005A130909 Gallery

Inisturk Island

Last updated 13th Sept 2009

004A120909 Gallery

Caher Island

Last updated 12th Sept 2009

003A050609 Gallery


Last updated Test for 003A050609

002A040509 Gallery

West Coast Paddle

Last updated 4th May 2009

001A030509 Gallery

West Coast Paddle

Last updated 3rd May 2009

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