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A mission statement is too serious a word for what follows but it’s good indication of what we are about if you don’t know us. As Celtic Sea kayaking consists of a small number of paddlers that peer paddle along the south east coastline of Ireland no formal organization exists however there are several key concepts that we try to follow.

Personal Responsibility

Each kayaker takes responsibility for their own safety. This includes making your own decisions and having the correct gear /food/with you for the occasion. This does not mean that the group will not do its best in any or all situations to help rather we expect each person to ensure they have what they require.

Small Groups

Smaller groups of paddlers over larger ones. This is about impact to the environment, practicality of camping, and ensuring paddling for all in the future by not overwhelming an area with people and waste. If you require more 10 people to keep you amused, then we are not the group for you

Low Impact

We aim to paddle, camp etc. without impacting the very location we think is special. As a consequence of that good camp craft, common sense and leave no trace all apply. To ensure we can visit locations in the future requires smart thinking on how we all behave.

Respect for the Environment

As we are part of the environment around us , it makes sense to respect it. If you need to think about this one, we are not the group for you and visa versa.

Leave No Trace

“Take nothing but photographs and leave nothing but footprints” .Seven principles of leave no trace apply to all our trips . Click here for the seven principles.

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